Chu Shogi Tournaments

In this topic, you can announce any Chu Shogi tournament.
Please include as many details as possible, for example:
- Tournament Schedule - date/time of start and finish, preferably in UTC
- Time control
- Tournament format

Sorry, the tournament has been cancelled because I've done a mistake...
Here is the new tournament :
Schedule -> Tuesday 2023-02-28 from 13:27 till 01:27 UTC
Time control -> 10|10 (10 minutes of main time and 10 seconds of byoyomi)
Tournament format -> Arena

@Chu-ShogiBOT If some tournament is unactual, you can delete the message or edit it.

Also, I see, you announced the tournament less than an hour before the start.
That's bad since people do not have enough time to prepare.

@dax00 considers that this is better to announce the tournament not less than 3 days before of the start.
I completely agree with him.

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