2023 Chu Shogi Cup R2, Tepin - AlexTrick

[Official game topic]
Second-round pairing. Round 2 ends: 25 September 23:59:59 UTC
@Tepin plays sente (先手). @AlexTrick plays gote (後手). Please agree to a playing time in this topic.

This might be the game of highest quality on lishogi
Looking forward to it

@Tepin my available schedule is weekdays 11:00-17:00 UTC, weekends - only Sunday possible, and I'm not sure yet about my plans on that day, but you can consider the same time 11:00-17:00 UTC.
The mentioned time is the time when our game might be started. My timezone is UTC+3.

What's the most appropriate schedule for you?

That's good for me.
OK, let's play on Tuesday 19th 14:00 UTC

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