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PyChess is a free, open-source chess server designed to play several chess variants.

Currently supported games are Makruk, Makpong, Ouk Chatrang, Sittuyin, Shogi, Minishogi, Kyoto shogi, Dobutsu shogi, Gorogoro shogi, Xiangqi, Manchu, Janggi, Minixiangqi, Placement, Crazyhouse(960), Atomic(960), S-chess(960), Capablanca(960), Grand, Shako, Shogun, Orda, Synochess, Hoppel-Poppel, Shinobi, S-house (S-chess+Crazyhouse), Capahouse(960) (Capablanca+Crazyhouse), Grandhouse (Grand+Crazyhouse), and Chess(960).


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