Puzzle updates


Some changes were made to puzzles and more

Hello there, as many of you might have noticed not all tsume puzzles were completely unambiguous. In order to fix that we deleted over 3000 tsume puzzles with ambiguous solutions. We also added over 2000 new puzzles to replace these. In the upcoming weeks many more will be added.

This means that the tsume hint that was previously present next to each tsume puzzle is no longer necessary and therefore was removed. This hint made most puzzles much easier to solve than intended and since in real games you will also not receive the hint, this change will make it more similar to real game scenario.


Every tsume puzzle was analyzed by an engine (either YaneuraOu or Fairy-Stockfish) to make sure only one mate exists, if another slower mate was found, the puzzle was discarded. But even engines make mistakes, especially in non-standard positions, so if you notice a puzzle with an ambiguous solution, please downvote it. Puzzles with more downvotes will appear less often and after they reach a certain threshold I will examine them and possibly delete them. If you want to speed up this process, please mention the puzzle in this thread for example and I will delete it sooner.

There is still one big problem present with puzzles - not accepting unpromotion when it's equally correct as promotion. More here https://github.com/WandererXII/lishogi/issues/314. This is being worked on and will be resolved hopefully soon.

Other changes:

  • Pieces in hand now scale to some degree with the size of the board - if this breaks your layout somewhere mention it here: https://github.com/WandererXII/lishogi/issues/303
  • New piece set - western - thanks to peanatsu
  • Many piece sets were tweaked to prevent blur on some devices
  • In order to avoid blurry pieces (especially starting chrome 91), changes were made as to how pieces are displayed - https://github.com/WandererXII/lishogi/issues/297
  • Many smaller bug fixes - rated games with period, incorrect translations, displaying currently unsupported features, etc.

If you find a bug, inconsistency or want to request a new feature please submit an issue on GitHub: https://github.com/WandererXII/lishogi/issues.

Thank you everyone for using and supporting the site!

Picture is from the anime "スライム倒して300年、知らないうちにレベルMAXになってました"