Has fairy stockfish rusted out since update?

After the update, fairy stockfish seem to be weaker than before. Maybe it has something to do with a impasse command.

I noticed this too! Level 1 of the AI would handily destroy me every time I played against it, but my last game I didn't even lose a single piece--and that's probably not because I got better ahah

I thought it was intentional because there was another thread here about how the easiest difficulty was actually Not That Easy, but I could be wrong~

If you check the update blog post you can see that the level 1's difficulty was reduced because it was too strong. This is a good thing. Lishogi was causing a lot of people to give up on shogi early because they thought it was a reflection of their own ability.


@Toadofsky Obviously not familiar with the deep theory of the second file bishop sacrifice (二間-角の犠牲). After the trap is accepted with 9. +Px33 both gote's camp and mind are beyond sound, and sente is behind on development, only having moved a single piece. Sente can simply resign in this position

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