Two requirements to be a great shogi player

Have you ever thought this way?
"I want to know the pattern of success."
"I want to do great work."
"I want to leave the greatest legacy to future generations."

That's why we present "Two Conditions for Becoming a Great Professional.

Read them and you will be able to bequeath great work and
You will be able to make a name for yourself in the world of shogi.

The two conditions are "Q Factor" and "Productivity.
The "Q Factor" is the temperament that gives you an advantage in your field of expertise.
And "productivity" is the amount of work, the amount of product.
In the case of shogi, the product is the game record.
In other words, the number of games is important.

As for the Q-factor, there are so many innate factors.
You can only increase your productivity.
To be a great player, you need to play more games.
And to increase the number of games, you have to win more games.
The way to increase productivity is directly to manipulate luck.
To manipulate luck, it is essential to "increase the number of trials" and "increase accuracy.

To increase your winners, it is important to increase your accuracy.
This can be achieved by taking three steps.

Step 1 is to "acquire a successful mentality.
So what kind of mentality is desirable?
If we had to name just one, it would be a strong sense of responsibility.
Because if you keep blaming others and the environment for your failures and making excuses, you will never be able to improve.
If you blame others or the environment for your failures and make excuses, you will never be able to improve.
On the other hand, if you attribute your success to your own abilities, you will never be able to improve.
A successful mentality is one that believes that failure is due to oneself and that success is due to "luck.
Success is to believe that you were "lucky" or "helped" to succeed.
This is the common denominator of those who succeed in the long run.

Step 2 is to "accumulate expertise and strengths.
Because in order to be successful, mentality alone is not enough.
It is required to have expertise.
You will not get better at swimming by practicing on a tatami mat.
You can only get better by practicing in a swimming pool.
The same goes for shogi.
Where is the reason why you can improve your Shogi skills without playing Shogi?
No, it does not exist anywhere in the universe.
In addition, the knowledge you accumulate is necessarily unique and different from others.
What makes you different from others is your strength.

Step three is to "make the pattern of success a habit.
In the process of accumulating expertise and strengths, you will develop a pattern of success.
In other words, you will become aware of a winning formula.
Humans are slaves to habit.
Habits are slaves to thoughts.
Therefore, man is thought.
It is still essential to have a successful mentality.

In short, to be a great Go player
Q-factor" and "number of games played.
Luck can also be manipulated by "increasing the number of trials" and
and "improve your accuracy".

In this issue, we will discuss "Tips for Knowing Your Success Patterns" and "How to Do Great Work.
How to do great work" and "How to bequeath your greatest legacy to future generations.

Shogi and life are full of dreams.
Dreams are curiosity about the future.
What kind of world do you want to see?
What kind of world excites you?
That is your dream.

Thank you very much for your time.

My dream is for people to know True Peace. So I go through chaos to obtain it.
"Enter the Tiger's den if you want to obtain the Tiger's son."

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