What should I do?

I am @AnonymousChessKing on lichess, recently Lichess closed it idk why. And now I fell like taking a break from chess. I was 1800 rated in blitz and bullet and now I think i should take a break to concentrate on my higher education.

But my parents saw that I improved from 1300 to 1800 in 6 months so they are telling me to join a Chess Coaching Centre but I dont want to WASTE my life on Chess. I want to play for fun, not as profession. So what should I do?

Listen bro, if u think that chess is a "waste of time" then you should stop playing right now. And you still have 24 hours in a day so if u join this coaching or whatever, u will still have time for ur education and becoming a professional chess player (or playing it regularly) has many benefits for example you can have a more strategical perpective to life. I would definitely say that u should continue playing chess and also join a team or somtehing but its of course ur choice its only my advice

#2 oh so you are saying that its like learning to play guitar or learning coding, irrespective of becoming a proffesional coder or guitarist? Now I understand.

And #3 @YoBot_v2 I appealed 1 week ago but they didnt respond. I contacted then through mail but they didnt respond.

lichess one of the worst chess site i ever saw they don't ban patrons if they create 20 ids but banned me as i had 8 used each for one variant.

#6 👀👀👀
Ok maybe you don’t know the reason you were banned and are assuming something… cuz there is no partiality given.

@ino it maybe a case that u did something else with ur ids i don't know that actually but i heard many say that a guy whose name started with B and C had 50-100 ids but they weren't banned for long day they got banned only after 3 months as they were patrons but normal guys get in 1 week all get ban but time span is different .

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