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General Shogi Discussion - Приложение на Андроид.#5

It kind of not working on Android when doing a computer analysis - Learning from your mistakes. But it is good enough to play a normal game on it. (Though, you also usually misclicked a game in lobby …

Lishogi Feedback - Make casual (unrated) handicap games possible.#3

@YoBot_v2 I have already known that method before I made my post, actually. In fact, the reason I came to know lishogi or shogi at all is because of a play-with-friends, handicap game in the first pl…

Lishogi Feedback - Correspondence game ending by time, how to avoid this?#12

@YoBot_v2 Yes, I kinda agree with you there. The ability to unilaterally add time to your opponent's clock sounds better, actually.

Lishogi Feedback - Correspondence game ending by time, how to avoid this?#9

I would suggest a time pause option ( Another idea from OGS - An English online Go server) to deal with it. Both players could unilaterally pause the timer up to 5 times there and you or your oppo…

Lishogi Feedback - Make casual (unrated) handicap games possible.#1

As the title said, I want to suggest lishogi to add the possibility of playing handicap games unrated with random people. I kind of wanting to try something clever like giving a small handicap to lowe…

Lishogi Feedback - blind's Accessibility mode.#2

Western notation (7f) maybe? Because Western chess has coordinates like e5. In the case of shogi, u would need to reverse the alphabet and number's order though ( e5 would be 5e). Also, the coordinate…

Off-Topic Discussion - 手筋の科学#3

@Anthology Arigatou Gosaimasu! ii benkyu desu. Iroi iroi wakatta desu.

General Shogi Discussion - 1 Bishop/Rook VS 1 Gold/Silver + 1 Knight/Lance, who is better in the pieces' exchange?#5

@larkspur That is an interesting opinion. Then, would the valuation of exchanging a rook for the 2 pieces remains the same if the side losing a rook also gets to 1) Promote an Uma 2) Promote another R…

Lishogi Feedback - in speed shogi why cant one player have less time than the other?#2

I think, shogi for the Japanese are unlike Chess, I presume. Rather than fighting with time and assuming opponent making a mistake, it instead encourages the players to fight against the position, the…

General Shogi Discussion - Pawns, what do you do with them.#4

Or move the Center Pawn and go for Cheerful Central Rook play. These three pawns are the most common in the first move. Sometimes, playing either of the edge pawn first is also okay. The less likely t…