Need help in understanding how to study a game!

Im new to shogi and I have played few games too but what I never understood is how to study a game , it is applicable to shogi, chess and even draughts.Can anyone kindly help me to understand actually what is there to observe from a previous game or analysis of it?
How to make my game better from it?

Try to remember the reason you played each move, and think about why your opponent might have played the moves they played. If you lost, try to find the critical mistakes you made. If you won, do the same for your opponent. It is important to do this at any level because it is one of the best ways to improve.

Talk with your opponent about his strategy for the current game, ask him the mistakes you and your opponent made. Try to comment each move as you go over the game. Don't analyse with the engine until you find a better move in a position you struggled in. For shogi more importantly, ideas are often more urgent than moves, and they should be understood before them.

So u mean for increasing the level of my game in initial stages it is more important to play more no. of correspondance games than time limited ones?

I'm not sure. I think both real time and correspondence games are fine, but if you do play real time games (and these are often more exciting) you should play at least a 10 minute time control. In a correspondence game, you have more time to think more deeply about a position and weigh the costs of each move. That's the only difference. However, in both types of game you should be trying to come up with a general plan.

Regarding real-time games, if we say about absolute time 10 minutes of main time on the clock without any increments or byoyomi, then that's far too few of time for a Chu Shogi game. That's a natural dead blitz, which basically leads either to loss on time or stupid material loss on blunders. Not really a good time control for improving the play.

The proper time control in real-time games must allow sufficient time for at least playing until the endgame. If we are a bit limited in time to play full-length games, then I suggest 5 minutes + 20 seconds of Fischer increment or even 0 minutes + 30 seconds of Fischer increment (which works even better than 5+20).
If we have enough time, I'd suggest playing with byoyomi 60 seconds with periods (currently only available 5 periods but I hope later we could enjoy more - up to 15-20 periods). Games might also be adjourned to finish later another day.

In my honest opinion, a few well-thought games are much better than a bunch of hurry ones, because while playing quickly, you just involve your current skill and experience, and don't really analyze the game deeply thus don't learn anything.

Btw, I appreciate correspondence games higher than real-time ones, but in general, you must be able to play both well, so practice in both.

Btw, a thing that could really help to improve your Chu Shogi play and get new ideas is to watch games of other strong players and try to analyze reasons why they play their moves rather than others you think of.

There are lots of Chu Shogi games played, which could bring really a lot of experience.

I agree. For normal shogi (I just assumed that was what Rainfall was talking about) I think 10|15 is the best time control. For Chu Shogi I prefer correspondence but 15|40 or 20|30 is OK.

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