Swiss Classical Tournament #2

Hello dear community!

Some time has passed since our last swiss tournament, the community is growing and we're all improving. I think it's time to propose a new event:

-Time control: 60'+30"
-Swiss system, 5 rounds;
-Playoff criteria: Direct Encounter, Buchholz, Buchholz Cut1;
-Players can force an adjournment if move 251 is reached (and, of course, at move 252 in order to allow gote the same chance of offering adj); adjourned games MUST be completed within the following week; therefore, every round will last 2 weeks. Notice that one might decide to offer an adjournment even after the move 251- 252 are reached, but the other player will not be forced to accept it;

The games must start the first week of the round, the second one is merely to complete the game in case of adjournment. Please, make sure you'll be able to dedicate around 2-3 hours a week to this tournament, for only in EXCEPTIONAL and WELL MOTIVATED cases where BOTH players can't play the first week the game will be allowed to be played in one or two sessions the second week.
As for previous events, when the week starts and the pairings come out every player will get in touch with his opponent (using lishogi PMs), proposing at least 3 different times when he'll be able to play during the week.

Given enough interest I'd start round 1 in June, 3rd so that we have the whole month of May to gather all the registrations.
Please comment below if you'd like to be in.
Have a nice day!

I am interested (tho due to family reasons / exam period, I might have to withdraw, not sure right now)

Dear community,
by chatting on Discord we came up with some changes about adjournment rules, which will be as following:

Adjournment rules:
-2 hours of game is the minimum time required before adjourning, with at least move 150 being reached.
In order to have an exact time as reference players will be asked, at the beginning of the game, to either write on the forum with the link of the game + the EXACT time of its start (we'll pick UTC as the standard),
or on Discord (where time is clearly stated with each post, therefore in such case writing the time is not needed).
Any adjournment offer must be accepted. To make things easier to manage, adjournments are limited to a single one x game.

What is more, since I didn't mention it before, the games are going to be set as rated games.

We'll soon make a separate thread with a complete list of the final rules, but in the meanwhile I wanted to inform everybody who's considering joining the event. Thank you for your time.


i might need to retreat, i will wait for further rules to decide whether i will retreat or not