Time controls

I find that there is a lot of variance in the time-investment pay-off of Chu Shogi moves--some sequences are relatively forced yet other moves have greater breadth of possibilities and benefit from deeper thought. Could we have a time control with a fixed amount of overtime, above a limit per move? For instance, one could have 60 seconds per move and allow up to 20 minutes of time over this amount. The existing framework of a fixed time period followed by sudden death of byo-yomi time creates significant asymmetry in the game--one is able to invest originally thought in the first half or two thirds of the game, while the ending is always rushed. Thoughts?

I feel the same could be applied with standard shogi time controls like 30 sec byoyomi with 1 min extra . I have seen such time control in shogi club 24 website .

So something like "Simple Delay" on this page? That could be interesting, I wouldn't mind seeing it added!

"Simple delay (also known as US delay): with this timing method, the clock waits for the delay period each move before the player's main time starts countdown down. For example, if the delay is ten seconds, the clock waits for ten seconds each move before the main time starts counting down. "

I couldn't find the method implemented in Shogi club 24 under any wiki page, but suppose byoyomi is 30 sec with 1 min extra, it means once after byoymi of 30 sec is used up time gets start deducting from the 1 min clock. After the 1min is used up in the coming moves the time will simply be like 30 sec byoyomi. Such time controls could be implemented under quick pairing.

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