2023 Chu Shogi Cup R1, SpaceShogi - Tepin

[Official game topic]
First-round pairing. Round 1 ends: 18 September 23:59:59
SpaceShogi plays sente (先手). Tepin plays gote (後手). Please agree to a playing time in this topic.

@Tepin timezone abbreviations are invalid in this tournament. Use UTC format instead.
UTC<+-number> is allowed as well.

Could this Saturday work? I could do UTC 12:00PM to 14 hours later I think.

Saturday 12:00 pm UTC
Saturday 14:00 pm CEST
Saturday 8:00 am EST

Am I correct? If yes, I accept

Tepin, could Saturday 2:00 pm UTC, 4:00 pm UTC or 6:00 pm UTC work for you? I will accept any of those.

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