2023 Chu Shogi Cup R2, PikerWorm101 - Octananda

[Official game topic]
Second-round pairing. Round 2 ends: 25 September 23:59:59 UTC
@PikerWorm101 plays sente (先手). @Octananda plays gote (後手). Please agree to a playing time in this topic.

sorry, i was busy and wasnt able to talk until now. i prefer a weekend game before 5pm, or a game after 9pm universal time on weekdays. whats ok for you @octananda

i can play tomorrow 20,00 GMT+2 is it allright with you ?

20:00 UTC+2 is 18:00 UTC what is 14:00 UTC-4.
That wouldn't be 4pm. 14:00 is 2pm

huh, the website i used said 4pm...

well, then, how about later today, i dont know when it works for you

man, what "website" are you using?

just type in google "UTC time" and it will display you the actual correct time.

I know what happened.
You typed "GMT+2" and the website thought you typed "GMT".

GMT is the Greenwich time, that always equal to UTC+0.
GMT+2 does mean UTC+2, despite the format "GMT+2" is not that common, but still valid.

Please be careful, because your "ok, I agree" (or "yeah, it works", or similar by meaning) by default means you agree for the time your opponent named, not the "EST time" kind (timezone abbreviations which are considered not valid on the tournament).

Also, please be aware, that PM/AM system is also considered not valid for the tournament, only 24-hour time format. Thus in case of any possible confusion, the person who named time in a 24-hour UTC format gets a priority.