Chu Shogi Cup 2023

Hello, everyone!

We are introducing a Chu Shogi tournament called "Chu Shogi Cup 2023"!

This tournament starts on 12th September 2023.

To participate you must join the team:
Registration is done on the forum:
Deadline for registrations: 10th September 23:59:59 (UTC+0)

The tournament will last about 6-7 weeks, during which players must schedule games with their opponents at a convenient time for both players.

Time control is 20 minutes + 30 seconds of Fischer increment. If more than 400 moves have been played, adjournment of the game is permitted and must be continued on another day convenient to both players.

Given that, players must be ready to schedule up to 4 hours in a row for the game, that completely covers the mentioned 400 moves on the given time control. Though, it is most likely that most games will not reach the length of 400 moves.

Full rules are accessible on the tournament regulations:
Also any Questions must be posted on this forum:

The winner of the Chu Shogi Cup 2023 will be awarded with a unique trophy which will be displayed on their profile.

Feel free to join the tournament, anyone who is interested in it and is willing to compete with other Chu Shogi players of various power. Everyone is welcome!

will anyone do recording or streaming of any matches? i would enjoy that, personally!

@lilyhollow if there will be found anyone, willing to make video streams, video recordings/streams might be.

But in general, games are being scheduled and played at a time convenient for both players considering their timezone, and potentially could last 4 hours.
That's not guaranteed that this time will be convenient for a streamer too.

If you want to get notified and join the starting game to watch the game in live, then I suggest you join our Discord Server of Chu Shogi Club and track the #tournament channel. Most participants will send a link to their game once it starts.

There is also a watcher chat during the game (invisible for players) so you can comment on the game with other watchers.

Also, after the tournament, we probably will create a study with the most exciting games of the tournament, possibly with comments.

I don't think I can do live commentary, but I would be happy to analyse all or some of the games in a study and maybe make some comments.

that all makes perfect sense.

i do think that if there were youtube videos with english-speaking analysis for a game or two, especially with the internationalized piece set (the one with the animal pictures), this could help a bit with the popularity of the game. the commentary does not even need to be that deep necessarily, just something that gets people more comfortable with the game so they are more willing to try it.

i think it could potentially rise in popularity because there are people who get pretty excited about the big board games, but with so many pieces i think it's intimidating for people without first getting a little more comfortable or understanding what makes the game special.

2 days remaining until the registration deadline for the tournament

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