feature request:more shogi vairants

Tori is on its way (hopefully, we'll ask lishogi devs) and Tenjiku might be next (it's not at all popular, but it does have the most serious playerbase, so maybe in a year or two), but Dai Shogi I don't like so much because it's basically an extension of chu with some weaker pieces.

I'd argue that dai shogi is very different to chu because it doesn't revolve around lions. Unlike chu, they can easily be traded off

I've played Dai Shogi OTB, and personally I think it's inferior to Chu Shogi in almost every way. It feels like almost the exact same game, but slower to the point of being tedious to play. I think it would be 'cool' if lishogi included Dai Shogi; it would make us the only site online where you can even play it, which could attract a few curious outside players. But I can't see it being super popular or anything, and if it were up to me, I wouldn't have it very high on the priority list.

I agree that it's inferior, slower and easier than chu but it offers some things chu shogi doesn't have like lionless endgames and middlegames. It's also a very important variant in the evolution of shogi variants as most other large variants were based on it. I would definitely play it if it were added, though it's also low on my priority list. (not as low as modern variants though)

I agree that tori and tenjiku are high priority, and I also agree that Dai-shogi is low priority.
In order of priority, wa-shogi with drops, makadaidai, and Kō-shogi are desired for large historical variants except tenjiku and tori.
I will not mention the modern variant, or the ordinary looking variant of shogi, for that matter in here and now.
Because there are too many.

I would be interested in tenjiku as well as the 19x19 variants. How does Kō-shogi fundamentally differ from makadaidai?

I think tayoku shogi (36x36) would be fun too, but it might be a bit difficult to play online

@DnOnith I don't think it's difficult to play 'online', I think it's just difficult lol. As unique as it might be, I feel like that game only has interest because "wow holy moly that board big". I don't think that even the most dedicated shogi fan would want to play more than a couple of games. I'd like to have it on lishogi sure, but maybe only AFTER we have an app, a larger playerbase, improved analysis and game analytics, opening database, a bigger library of resources, and every other shogi variant first.

Some of the huge variants aren't that fun to play as games. Even something like Maka Daidai shogi is already so big and a single game is so long it's difficult to play in real time. Both players would have to reserve the whole day basically to finish the game. Playing correspondence would basically be the only option, but it also sucks if both of you make one move per day it would literally take years to finish the game assuming nobody resigns. Also implementing these games would be a huge effort too that could be spent on something actually useful. I think out of the big games maybe Tenjiku could actually be a good idea to implement