4 players shogi - rules

Dear community,
I'm approaching 4ps and would like to play OTB at my chess club; however, sources about the rules vary and I am confused about the complete set of rules I am supposed to apply when playing it, particularly with team play (2v2). I know Mr. George Hodges wrote a leaflet about it, if anybody would share it here it would be great! or if you already struggled with such a topic you might enlighten me about it.
Thanks in advance,

I don't know if this is the one, but I have a pdf of ten shogi variants by George Hodges including Yonin shogi. I can send it to you. or post it on discord.

@Galago Great, that's the kind of stuff I was looking for. It would be great to read it!
I had, of course, already seen that video of Hidetchi, Also I knew about the Wikipedia page and its Japanese name. Thank you anyway to everybody answering this post

I'll post the link to the Ten Shogi Variants on Discord, and I'll setup a board of both Hachiouji yonin-shogi and normal yonin-shogi in case people want to play.

@shibamizo57 yonin shogi is definitely simpler, but I am not searching for a complex variant. I wanted something to play with my friends at the chess club, with fast games, and with few pieces. I tried it already with a couple of friends and it was fun! That's why I would like to find out "my" definitive set of rules for our casual games (and who knows, in the future, even small OTB tournys!)

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