Genius vs. personality Three habits that knock out results

The world only looks with admiration on genius, but strives to emulate the lives of men of character."
 "The world only looks with admiration on geniuses, but strives to emulate the way of life of men of character."
Samuel Smiles, an English writer, said, "Genius and character do not necessarily coincide.

Genius and personality do not necessarily go hand in hand.
In the shogi world, there are many people who are called geniuses.
However, there are few people who can be called a person of character.

It would be difficult for an ordinary person who is not a professional chess player to be called a genius.
Then, what kind of attitude should we have toward Shogi in order to be called a person of character?

Regardless of the content of Shogi itself, it is important to have an attitude that you are not ashamed of even if others know about your life centering on Shogi.
You should maintain an attitude that you are not ashamed to be known as a genius and that the world can learn from.

In order to be admired as a genius, you have to make achievements.
It is almost impossible to be admired as a genius if you do not have the ability to make achievements.
However, if you approach chess with an attitude that is good enough to be called a person of character, your ability will naturally increase.

If we follow the statement at the beginning of this article, we can say that an attitude that can be emulated is a life that is not embarrassing to be seen.

Aristotle, who greatly influenced the art of oratory in later times, defined "shame" as follows.
"Shame is the absence of any wrongdoing, whether present, past, or future.
 "Shame is a kind of anguish felt by the mind about one's wrongdoings that seem to lead to infamy
 "a kind of pain felt by the heart at what appears to be the infamy of one's wrongdoings, whether present, past or future.
In other words, "shame" refers to the desire to hide one's deeds and thoughts from others.

Let us consider the attitude that the world can learn from in the life of Shogi.
First, it is important to be diligent.
Do not be lazy.
Do not neglect the study of chess.
Because, as in any field, the more
If the number of people who do not learn increases, there is no way that Shogi can develop.
First of all, you must be diligent and hardworking.

Secondly, it is not enough to learn only Shogi.
To put it simply, you need to be diligent in other things as well.
If Shogi is your area of expertise, it is important that you also go into areas outside of your expertise.
This is because if you practice only Shogi, you will narrow your perspective.
By increasing your area of interest, you can gain new perspectives from the outside world.
You will gain new perspectives from the outside world.
Secondly, you need to make an effort to increase the number of genres.

Lastly, it is important to be "disciplined.
I said first and second, diligence is important.
But diligence alone is not enough to be a person of character.
If you work hard without taking a break, the result will not be good.
Taking a break is not laziness.
Take active rest and exercise your body.
Health is capital.
You can train your head, but if you don't train your body, you won't be able to
You can train your head, but if you don't train your body, you will not be able to execute.
The head and body are closely related.
Third, we must maintain a balance between rest and diligence.

In short, to be a man of character, you must
we need to be diligent, to expand our sphere of interest, and to be healthy.

First, create a system that allows you to continue the practice you are currently doing.
If you aren't practicing, or if you only do it occasionally
Don't think too hard, try tsume-shogi, kifu-zame, or any other method you can think of.

@ShionAlfred777 a nice write-up! It's important to remember that talent can only take somebody so far. It's not always the most talented that find success, but more often it's those who have simply put in the hours of thought and work towards their goal.
Improvement is rarely the result of some dramatic, herculean effort. Rather, the accumulation of many, many small trials and errors.

There is an extremely thin line between a Genius and a mad person. And I believe I am in the middlemost of that line.

An ordinary person can be a genius or a madman.
It's the difference between having love and not.

Love is to serve without seeking anything in return, and the acquisition of wisdom is the means to understand human beings.
Moreover, wisdom and love are equal.
the driving force of creation and giving.
It is the thought and action that gives us a glimpse of the Kingdom of God.

That is not my question. My question is what is the type of love you believe in out of the 4 types above; The closest one to you. You can also ask me a question too if you answer that to me truthfully.

Love makes humans suffer. Because things are impermanent. Your loved ones will one day die (And Please, no live on in your memories bs to me.)

Wisdom makes humans lessen their sufferings, because it teaches us to let it go. It cannot be equal. Or it may be equal, but I will choose Wisdom over Love any day. Even if it is a perfect one (True Love). For Eternal Love is much more important.

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