Searching for larger game explorer/enthusiasts /experts

Warm hello to all chu shogi lovers! This platform really gathers the largest number of chu shogi players and it is so great to see so many people enjoying the game! Among chu players I believe there would also be a group of people who develops interest to other large-board strategic shogi variants. Also this place would probably attract a lot of these enthusiasts so I just kindly invite everyone interested in exploring more games/arranging correspondence games to talk about. :) I could play all variants from chu to tai shogi and I have played dai dai, tenjiku, and maka-dai-dai a bit. Welcome to contact me about playing. These huge games really bring some unique experiences and lessons on long-term planning..

I'm interested in bigger shogi variations too, especially MDDS (Maka Dai Dai Shogi).

Btw, we have a designated channel #big-shogi on our Chu Shogi Discord server

I think Dai Dai might be fun. We can use Ai Ai to keep track of the board position. The same can be done for all the other big variants up to Tai Shogi, so playing by mail is very easy. I'd be happy to play any of them anytime, but maybe not tenjiku because I don't like the ranging-jumping pieces.

I am down to try out some larger variants too. I think tenjiku has some creative ideas but am still looking for the best account of the full rules.

For tenjiku there is a GREAT place with a community of players (although most of them are no longer active) called PBeM server where you could play correspondence games. There is also an annual tournament event involving most players and some engines but unfortunately there are fewer and fewer players willing to play… (I got third place in last year’s tournament and this year I felt to tired to take part in)

For Tenjiku just read Colin Adams book. If you google tenjiku shogi and then scroll down a good bit you should find a pdf.

I heard Colin Adams described an old version of Tenjiku Shogi rules which was proven to be a win for Sente.
That's the version where jumping generals cannot jump capture higher ranking generals.

I had no idea that was a win for Sente. So in modern rules they have no rank restrictions?

It's a little bit complicated:
In the old rules, for example, your Rook General cannot capture a Great General by jumping (even if not "jumping over it"). You can only capture it by "sliding". So, there are also no "range checks". While in the new version, your Rook General CAN capture anyone by jumping but you still cannot jump OVER higher-ranked pieces. But this rule makes (smothered?) checkmates possible.

Oh, I think I get it. It's going to be a long time before I'm brave enough to play Tenjiku.