Swiss classical tournament

Dear Chu Shogi lovers,
I am wondering whether you guys would like to play a bit of classical games, it's so hard to find an opponent for slow time control!
If enough players are interested we may organize a small 5 rounds Swiss tournament, 40m+20 secs of increment, 1 game per week. Please comment below if you would like to be part of such an event; it would be some nice training given the incoming "world championship" tournament.


Ok, at the moment it's 6 of us, let's see if somebody else is willing to join. I'd wait 'till Monday morning and then start with the organization.

At the moment:


DoubleD91 (1857)
Tepin (2034)
Olekaze (1964)
Prnej (1967?)
Mitthrawnuruodo (1780?)
Snettik (1590)
AlexTrick (1895?)
Octananda (1541)

A friend of mine will confirm his participation today. Last call, if someone else is interested in participating in the event please reply to this thread or write me a PM by the end of the day. It's already a good list, though!