I would like to ask

There aren't any particularly good chu shogi bots. The most popular one, HaChu, is not very compatible with what's currently implemented on this site. They had a go trying to make HaChu more compatible, but the programming was a mess.

Besides, it's below the level of strong players, because it doesn't understand positional value well. In the interim, I'm happy to have a look at any position you're curious about.

I wonder if someone could code up Alpha Zero General for this purpose... ??

@StrangeBalloon It's possible, the chess engine Lc0 is based on AlphaZero, and the code is freely available online. However, you would have to make some major modifications to it AND you would have to have a LOT of computing resources to train it. This is how the shogi engine AobaZero was made, but there was also a large community behind the project.

It's not installed but you can play with me if you want :)
Correspondence 5 days min. with a middle level

Hello this is out of the discussion but I want an answer about this...Is it possible to have english letters labled in each piece? (I found such a pieces in some apps, but I hope it is here) Since I am a beginner and have hard time reading the Japanese text.

@DogOfTheHouse You can select international pieces which show pictures instead of Japanese characters. Click on your profile name at the top left and then select Piece Set and scroll down.

@DogOfTheHouse I use the kanji setup.
Some players use the internationalized set, but I recommend you get used to the Japanese set, at least, with time