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  1. Problem #egJjY LizardWizard @VladTsyb Are you able to use the engine, my friend? After you finish …
  2. Problem #egJjY VladTsyb @LizardWizard , I don't understand, why the horse can't be recaptured.
  3. Problem #egJjY planin Sorry, my mistake ;)
  4. Problem #egJjY LizardWizard @VladTsyb @planin Bx41 : Bishop captures on 41 +Bx41 : Promoted Bishop…
  5. Problem #egJjY planin +Bx41 means "Bishop takes 41 and promotes" in Western notation.
  6. Problem #egJjY VladTsyb What does + before Bx41 mean?
  7. Problem #egJjY LizardWizard Engine says after K42, +Bx41 and the bishop cannot be recaptured or it…
  8. Problem #egJjY VladTsyb What do sente win, if king retreats on 42?
  9. Adjust tournament rankings for… LizardWizard Yeah that's unusual aha.. Reminds me of the joke I see all the time wh…
  10. Tournament game starts even wh… kachick 1. I entered to 2. I started t…


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Free online shogi server. Play shogi in a clean interface. No registration, no ads, no plugin required. Play shogi with the computer, friends or random opponents.
Shogi, also known as "将棋" in Japanese, is a two-player strategy board game that has been played in Japan for centuries. It is often referred to as "Japanese chess" due to its similarities to the Western game of chess, but has unique features that make it a distinct game in its own right.
If you are not familiar with the rules of shogi, check out - Shogi basics.