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  1. Yearly Checkshogi Arena Shogfan Good luck!
  2. Puzzle Streak DiptaRising It would be nice to have Puzzle Streak here as well! (suggestion) I al…
  3. Yearly Checkshogi Arena Toadofsky Good luck everyone!
  4. Aozora Chu shogi snettik This Chu Shogi variant called Aozora Chushogi might be something to ad…
  5. Giving your opponent time does… COArSe_D1RTxxx it doesn't give them time
  6. Does 玉/王 primarily distinguish… Toadofsky Thanks for the questions. I recorded issue…
  7. Typographical in Lishogi blog … CHChessPersonOfficia @heallan Oh. Well I think it is fine, it is just a small typo.
  8. Does 玉/王 primarily distinguish… DreamSlag sente/☗/king & gote/☖/king is an old convention, not exclusive to lish…
  9. Does 玉/王 primarily distinguish… najevi Thank you for those clarifying comments. From your remarks I interpret…
  10. Does 玉/王 primarily distinguish… DreamSlag For amateur players, the distinction between 玉将/gyokusho and 王将/osho i…


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Shogi, also known as "将棋" in Japanese, is a two-player strategy board game that has been played in Japan for centuries. It is often referred to as "Japanese chess" due to its similarities to the Western game of chess, but has unique features that make it a distinct game in its own right.
If you are not familiar with the rules of shogi, check out - Shogi basics.