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  1. 科学的に正しい形勢判断の方法 Eva Well done!
  2. Sente and gote "colors" Bouff Hi! Is it a problem with my phone dark theme, or sente is black, gote …
  3. 5年前の定跡の85%は無駄 Eva Good poem!
  4. Shogi Puzzle Database LizardWizard I think this is it here: Thank …
  5. 正答率が8%高くなる【魔法の言葉】 Eva Good!
  6. 大会の会場で存在感を醸し出す方法 Eva Good!
  7. Shogi Puzzle Database kphan Hello, I was wondering if there was a database from which the puzzl…
  8. Arena 10+10 BOT YoBot_v2 It was a 10|10 arena not a 10+10 arena. That means that you get 10 min…
  9. Arena 10+10 Lionfish Hi! Last Arena topurnament (17/06) I played the feature + 10 seconds …
  10. Puzzle Themes Request o0o Also, did the previous post that I made about the pawn sacrifice puzzl…